Prototyping means: knowing all the options.


While I am actually developing a SaaS product (see, I was faced with the choice of a suitable process. So over the last few months I've been working super deep on lean methods and books about product development - for myself and for startups I'm currently advising. I wanted to know everything and design the ultimate process. After all, has to be created the way it stands for: Through prototyping.

However, after several iterations, enlightenment came: there is not a single ultimate process. Much more I would call the totality of all lean methods a toolbox. And these can be roughly divided into 4 phases: Ideation, Product / Solution, Product Market Fit and Scale.

Please note: Your Mileage may vary. This is just a first draft (v01) and you are welcome to help by adding links / methods / frameworks and discussion. Just drop me a line.


Usage: Every column is contains a lot of methods or inspiration for you to try. Your idea walks through the different stages from left to right.

If you don't know whether you're solving a good problem, you don't need to build a product. And if you don't build a product, you don't have to worry about scaling.

Every idea goes through these phases more or less consciously / controlled. In each of these 4 phases there are now a handful of methods and templates which can be used. Often these complement each other quite well and offer a different point of view if you can't get any further at one point.

Stage 0: ideation Stage 1: Problem/Solution Fit Stage 2: Product/Market Fit Later Stages: Scale
How to come up with an good idea? Do I have a problem worth solving? Can I built something people want? How to accelerate growth?
bookSo Good They Can't Ignore You bookWill It Fly? exploreCocreation (VPD) bookTraction
bookZero to One bookThe Mom Test bookCrossing the Chasm bookScaling Lean
bookStart with Why bookRunning Lean bookHooked bookThe Hard Thing About Hard Things
extensionDesign Thinking archiveLean Canvas (Running Lean) bookUX for Lean Startups extensionOKR
archiveCustomer Exploration Map exploreProblem Interview (Running Lean) extensionFeature Sequencer extension6 sigma
exploreJobs To Be Done exploreSolution Interview (Running Lean) exploreMVP Interview (Running Lean) extensionDriver Tree
exploreMission Statement bookProduct Field Reference Guide exploreFake it (SPRINT) extensionA/B Testing
exploreHow to be remarkable archiveThe Product Field exploreSmall Data (SPRINT) exploreBusiness Model Framework
exploreSales Safari bookBusiness Model Generation (BMC) exploreGenchi Genbutsu bookLean Analytics
exploreNiche Finding archiveBusiness Model Canvas (BMC) exploreThinking Aloud extensionKano
exploreThe idea maze bookValue Proposition Design (VPD) exploreShadowing extensionAARRR
extensionWardley Maps archiveValue Proposition Canvas (VPD) explore10 to 3 to 1 exploreRICE
archiveExperiment Cards (VPD) extensionScrum exploreValue vs. Cost
exploreA Day in the Life (VPD) extensionKanban exploreProduct Tree
explore'The Scientist' (VPD) extensionContinuous Delivery exploreBuy a Feature (VPD)
explore'Data Detective' (VPD) extensionContinous Integration
explore'The Impersonator' (VPD) bookBuilding Evolutionary Architectures
bookLean Customer Development bookLean Branding
bookDesigning Products People Love extensionBullseye method
exploreMap the Problem (SPRINT)
exploreLighting Demos (SPRINT)
exploreAsk Experts (SPRINT)
exploreRemix & Improve (SPRINT)
exploreSketch (SPRINT)
archiveEmpathy Map
archivePain Matrix
archiveWorking Backwards / Press Release
exploreRiskiest Assumption
exploreCustomer Segmentation
Exit Criteria: You have a problem and a target group and can commit to spend the next month's and years with it. Exit Criteria: You need enough proof, that customers are aware of their problem and actually looking for an solution. Exit Criteria: Customers are using your product, staying with it (retention) and actually paying for it.
Founder bookBook
management extensionFramework
product archiveTemplate
design exploreTutorial

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